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Halal Holiday is a new product in the tourism industry providing full holiday services in accordance with Islamic beliefs and practices. Our halal resorts and hotels only serve halal foods and non-alcoholic drinks. They have separate pool, spa and leisure facilities for men and women, and also family oriented facilities. There are private women only beach areas and also mixed beach areas for families with Islamic swimming dress code. There are also prayer facilities on site. Islamic Heritage tours are there to explore and discover the history and culture of the Islamic civilization. All activities are geared towards maintaining the values and modesty of Muslims desiring to follow the Quranic encouragement to travel throughout the Earth to see God’s signs and patterns everywhere.

One of our most popular destinations – Turkey, the seat of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, which for six centuries was the center of interactions between the East and West, is attracting Muslim tourists from around the world.

halal booking

HalalBooking®, the pioneer of halal tourism concept in Europe and globally, provides holiday packages that allow you to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, without compromising the values of your beliefs. Currently these categories of halal holidays are offered:

  • ResortsHalal Sun & Beach Resorts & Spas
  • City BreaksHalal Hotels with Daily Heritage Tours
  • HeritageCountry Islamic Heritage Discovery Tours
  • HealthHalal Thermal Resorts & Spas
  • VillasLuxury Private Villas with secluded pools

halal booking

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